Everything About Joshua Kaleb Whitney Everything About Joshua Kaleb Whitney

Everything About Joshua Kaleb Whitney

Joshua Kaleb Whitney is the celebrity child of Kym Whitley. Kym is a famous actress and has been featured in numerous films. Kym adopted Joshua after he was left at the hospital. She has worked hard to provide all that Joshua needs to give him a worthy life. Her fans are curious to know more about Joshua to stay informed about him and what the future holds for him.

Biography of Joshua Kaleb Whitney

Based on the day Joshua celebrates his birthday, we conclude that his date of birth is January 9, 2011. Joshua was born in Los Angeles, California. He is an American national, and his astrological sign is Capricorn.

Joshua is well known as the adopted child of Kym Whitley. Joshua was adopted after his biological mother left him at the hospital. He was left with Kym’s phone number, and that’s how Kym decided to adopt him.

Joshua has deadly allergies, and when he is not with his mother, Kym designed a shirt that has the “Don’t Feed Me” label to ensure he doesn’t end up getting fed allergic foods that would affect his health.

Kym Whitley loves Joshua, and she shares sweet birthday posts about him. Besides, the posts that Joshua shares on his social media show that he is living a good life with his mother. Their bond is evident based on their posts.

Moreover, Kym has created her series, “Raising Whitley,” where she shares how she is raising Joshua. In the film, Joshua’s adoptive father is Rodney Van Johnson, Kym’s co-star.


Kym has not shared education details about her son. As of 2024, Joshua is about 13 years old. Hence, it’s likely that he is already attending studies, but no official details about what institution he is attending have been shared with the public.

Social Media and Career

Joshua’s career is yet to unravel. However, he has appeared in his mother’s series, “Raising Whitley.” Past that, we are yet to see what career oath he will take. As the years pass, we hope that he will find a suitable career after completing his studies.

As for social media, Joshua is very active on Instagram. He shares different posts about his activities for fans to engage with him. He has an Instagram account with over 12.1k followers. That already signals that Joshua will have more followers as time passes, adding to his celebrity status.

Although no net worth is tied to his name, being a celebrity kid already guarantees that he is enjoying his mother’s wealth. Joshua’s mother has solidified her roots as an actress, and her abundant wealth takes care of her son.

Who is Joshua’s Mother?

Joshua is Kym Whitley’s adopted child. Kym was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, on June 7, 1961. Her birth sign is Gemini. Kym is an American actress and has appeared in different films, including “My Brother and Me,” “Young & Hungry,” “Next Friday,” and “We Bought a Zoo.”

As an actress, Kym earns enough to cater to her needs and her son’s.