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Artesia Bentley Biography, Career, and Net Worth

It is understandable that you are curious to know who Artesia Bentley is. The actress is famous for playing exceptional roles in different films, making people curious to learn more about her. Luckily, this post researched who Artesia Bentley is to prepare a detailed post about her biography, career, and net worth. Read on to learn more about her.

Biography of Artesia Bentley

Artesia Bentley is a good example of people who enjoy keeping a private lifestyle. She has kept details about her life private, and we only know what she shares with the public. Most of her details, especially about her early life and family, remain hidden for reasons known to her.

Nonetheless, we know that she was born on March 15, 1990. Moreover, her Zodiac sign is Pisces, her nationality is American, and her religion is Christianity. She is famous for being an American actress and a model. Her weight is approximately 57kg, while her height is about 1.67 m. We believe she was born into a Christian family in Milwaukee, where she grew up to discover her life and career.

Unfortunately, Artesia doesn’t have an active social media. She is not on Instagram, and her fans have had a tough time finding her on different platforms. Artesia prefers staying low, and we only know what she chooses to share.

Artesia currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and enjoys traveling to scenic places. We also know that she loves animals, especially dogs and cats. So far, Artesia has not talked about her dating life. She hasn’t shared information on who she is dating. Therefore, we can only assume that she is single, and unless she shares new insights, this is our current stand about her relationship.

Career and Net Worth

Artesia attended a private high school and later joined a university to pursue her degree. Although we are unsure when she began her acting career, we know she is a rising American actress. Her career limelight came in 2006 when she played a role in “My Name is Earl,” a comedy series.

Moreover, she has played other roles in TV series, such as “The Bernie Mac Show.” You will also find her in the “Til Death” romantic series. According to some trustworthy sources, Artesia started showing interest in acting and modeling at a young age. During her early school days, she started acting, and as she progressed with her studies, she also joined theatres to practice acting.

She has attended modeling competitions, and it was not until 2006 that she made her first debut in professional acting. Her role in this series opened more opportunities for her, and she signed contracts with other TV series.

Her acting path has led her to interact and act with other acting celebs such as Jeremy Suarez and Bernie Mac. Artesia has a promising career. As years go by, we hope to see more from her, and hopefully, she will share more information about her life. As of 2023, we estimate her wealth stands at $700k.