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Who is Ham El-Waylly? All About Ham El-Waylly’s Family, Career, and Net Worth

Ham El-Waylly is half Bolivian and half Egyptian and captured the hearts of many because of his culinary skills. He worked in the French technique, working long hours in several famous restaurants, but having their restaurant has come with a number of challenges.

The chef worked with his wife, and they have captured the hearts of many fans because of their culinary skills. Moreover, they have worked in famous magazines and channels, helping people learn how to cook in simple steps.

Ham established his career as an expert cook, but one of the biggest challenges was trying to cook American staples. Many of their customers wanted a cultural twist in their meals, which proved challenging.

No matter the type of food Ham tried to cook, the media and customers expected a certain number of ethnic styles from the chef of colors.

Ham El-Waylly’s Education

El-Waylly honed his cooking skills at The Culinary Institute of America. While in the CIA, he met his future wife and partner, Sohla Muzib, with whom he started a family. His other education details have not been disclosed to the public.

Ham El-Waylly’s Wife

Sohla Muzib El-Waylly is Chef Ham’s wife. The couple met in college while pursuing their cooking careers, and they chose to start a family. Sohla is a YouTube personality and chef, and she is known for hosting web videos for famous channels.

Sohla previously worked as a food editor at Bon Appetit, where she launched several videos that she helped create. Because of issues that she could not solve with the company, she stopped working as the food editor and started working with other companies like Food52 and Andrew Rea on YouTube channels.

Ham El-Waylly’s wife was raised in Los Angeles in a Bengali-American family with a Baskin Robbins store. She loved working in the restaurant business, explaining why she worked at the Cheesecake factory.

Sohla attended CIA in 2008, and while she was in the institute, she says she was sexually harassed by the dean. Upon talking to a female dean about the incident, she was used to getting used to it because it always happened in the real world.

Ham El-Waylly Career

Ham El-Waylly worked in various restaurants in New York after graduating from college. In March 2016, Ham and her wife started a diner restaurant Hail Mary, in Brooklyn, and it attracted many clients at its opening.

Unfortunately, the couple closed the restaurant after eleven months, attributed to the closure as a result of not opening the restaurants with other investors. El-Waylly revealed that most customers who entered their restaurant expected exotic ingredients because of their cultural diversity.

Although many white chefs never explained making white foods, clients and the media expected black and other chefs to have a thesis behind making white food. After El-Waylly’s business was closed, his wife started working in Serious Eats as a culinary editor and later joined Bon Appetit magazine in 2019.