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What Do We Know About Garth Henriques?

Although he has a reputation of his own, Garth Henriques is mainly known as the father of the famous Jamaican star Sean Paul. Garth became widely known when he was ill, and Sean Paul went online to urge anyone with blood type O to donate it to help save his life. Although he shortly died despite many people volunteering to donate to him the needed blood, there are details worth knowing about Garth. We’ve shared most of them in this post.

Biography of Garth Henriques

Garth Henriques lived a private life; little is known about his early life. Garth Henriques was married to Frances Henriques, and their information is unavailable. The couple had two children, Sean Paul and his brother Jason Jigzagual.

Garth and his wife kept details about their wedding and life hidden from the public. However, Garth was a painter by profession. Moreover, he came from a family of swimmers. He was a swimmer and followed his father in playing water polo. He was an active player in the 1960s. The swimming thing was in his family. His father was the first Jamaican national water polo team. As for his mother, she also participated in butterfly swimming. This early exposure shaped his passion for swimming.

Garth and his wife were both Jamaicans. Hence, they shared the same cultures and values, which helped in strengthening their relationship.

The Death of Garth Henriques

Throughout his life, Garth was a supportive husband and father to his family. Unfortunately, he was having health issues, which worsened in April 2018. He was admitted to The University Hospital of the West Indies for treatment.

While admitted, his son Sean Paul shared the news about his condition in a video. In the video, he requested anyone with O-negative blood to come to his father’s aid and donate blood. Thankfully, many people donated the blood with an open heart.

Unfortunately, despite the help Garth received, it was not enough to save him. Sean shared the news about his death on an Instagram post. In his post, he announced that his father had succumbed to his illness. Sean appreciated all those who had played a role in trying to save his father’s life, from the nurses to the doctors to the blood donors to the well-wishers.

Garth Henriques died on May 24, 2018, as a former coach of Jamaica’s national water polo team.

Who is Garth’s Son?

Although Garth has two sons, the famous one is Sean Paul. He was born on January 9, 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica. Sean is a professional Jamaican dancehall rapper, singer, and producer. His mother was a painter, and many family members in his lineage were swimmers.

Sean also followed that path for a while. From age 13 to 21, he was part of Jamaica’s national water polo team. However, he left swimming to follow his musical career. Sean is married to Jodi Stewart, and their marriage was in 2012. On February 26, 2017, Sean announced the news about his son.