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Terry Lee Flenory Biography and life history

Some people gain popularity for good reasons in the world and some prefer to choose the wrong ways to make a name in the world. Terry Lee Flenory falls into the second category and is infamous as a drug trafficker. Not much of his life details are known to the public but today we tried to find out the available ones.

So, read the article and get information about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, love life, children, earnings, net worth, and other such details about Terry Lee Flenory.

Personal life

Terry Lee Flenory was born on 10th January 1970 in Detroit, Michigan, United States. This is all the information you can get about the early life of Terry Lee Flenory. From the names of his parents to other details like his religious views are not known.

The personal life of Terry Lee Flenory is not an exception either. He never revealed anything about his love affairs or married life. With the fact that he is 53 years old right now, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he must have gotten married if he had met the love of his life.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that nothing is available about the family background of Terry Lee Flenory. Given this fact, expecting anything about the parents as well as siblings of Terry Lee Flenory is pointless.


Since Terry Lee Flenory has not revealed any information about his personal life, it is not known whether he has any kids.

Education and profession

This is again something about Terry Lee Flenory that remains under wraps. However, considering the fact that Terry Lee Flenory is a notorious drug trafficker, we don’t think he has received a good and proper education in his life. Else, he would not have chosen such an illegal way of earning money for himself.

Reason for the popularity of Terry Lee Flenory 

Terry Lee Flenory himself is a reason for his popularity. During his youth, he co-founded a drug trafficking and money laundering organization named The Black Mafia Family along with his brother. Because of this organization, he grabbed the attention of not just common people but also American legal authorities. Apart from all that, he is active on Instagram too and this is also a major reason for his popularity.

Net worth of Terry Lee Flenory

Considering the fact that Terry Lee Flenory is such a big and infamous drug trafficker, it does not come as a surprise that today he has a net worth of approximately 50 million. Although he has earned all his money through illegal and wrong ways, he has no dearth of luxury and comfort in his life. We also expect his net worth to rise in the future because his drug trafficking organization has been intact in recent years.


We really wonder what made Terry Lee Flenory choose such a life for himself. Why didn’t he live and enjoy his life like an ordinary person? Maybe he wanted to do something unforgettable in this world.