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Nedenia Rumbough Biography and life history

Nedenia Rumbough is one of those people who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth. She took birth into the family of business persons and her mother is a renowned actress. Let us tell you clearly that she is the daughter of American actress Dina Merrill and granddaughter of American businesswoman Marjorie Merriweather Post.

Today, we will tell you all the life details of Nedenia Rumbough. So, get into the article.

Personal life

Despite the fact that Nedenia Rumbough was born into a prestigious family and has many celebrities in her family, her birth date is not known. The only confirmed thing about her basic details is that the names of her parents are Dina Merrill and Stanley M. Rumbough Jr. and she holds American nationality. Her full name is Nedenia Colgate Rumbough.

Coming to the love life of Nedenia Rumbough, she has not revealed any information regarding the same. Given this fact, it is not practically possible to say anything about the love or married life of Nedenia Rumbough.

Parents and siblings 

Nedenia Rumbough is one of three children of her parents, Dina Merrill and Stanley M. Rumbough Jr, who remained married for 20 years from 1946 to getting divorced in 1966. The mother of Nedenia Rumbough was a celebrated actress and her father was an entrepreneur who is well regarded as the heir of Colgate-Palmolive fortune.

As far as the siblings of Nedenia Rumbough are concerned, their names are David Rumbough and Stanley Rumbough. In addition to these two brothers, Nedenia Rumbough has a couple of step-siblings as well from her mother.


Saying anything confirmed about the children of Nedenia Rumbough is not possible because not even a single piece of information is available regarding this context.

Education and profession

Here again, Nedenia Rumbough has kept her lips zipped. Given this fact, you are unlikely to find anything significant about the education as well as the profession of Nedenia Rumbough. Considering the fact that Nedenia Rumbough belongs to such a prestigious and rich family, it is a no-brainer that she must have been blessed with a top-class education in her life. Also, we hope that she must be professionally well-established owing to her family background.

Reason for the popularity of Nedenia Rumbough 

Of course, the one and only reason for the popularity of Nedenia Rumbough is her family including her father mother and grandparents. Among all, Nedenia Rumbough is best recognized because of her actress mother, Dina Merrill.

Net worth of Nedenia Rumbough 

Finding out the earnings and net worth of Nedenia Rumbough would have been possible only if she had bothered to reveal these details to the public. Since she keeps these details to herself only, the exact net worth of Nedenia Rumbough can’t be estimated. As for her mother, she had a net worth of around 5 million when she died in 2017.


We don’t wonder why Nedenia Rumbough maintains so much privacy in her life. After all, she belongs to such a prestigious and rich family, so she has to maintain her privacy because of safety reasons.