Luiza Gawlowska Luiza Gawlowska

What Do We Know About Luiza Gawlowska?

Luiza Gawlowska is a young female, and many people only heard about her after news about her dating Steve Gold went viral. The two had kept a private dating life, and only the birth of their child made them share the good news, and everyone was surprised to know that Steve Gold was dating Luiza Gawlowska. This post digs into Luiza Gawlowska’s and her husband’s life to see what the couple offers.

Biography of Luiza Gawlowska

Who is Luiza Gawlowska? Unfortunately, Luiza enjoys keeping her life private. She only shares minimal information about her life; even when you check her social media, you will find minimal information. Luiza was born on October 17, 1992. Her birthplace is Poland, and she is a London native.

Luiza has not shared information about her early life, education, or parents. She is a lovely lady, and her life has taken a celebrity turn after everyone knew about her dating life with Steve Gold. The two had kept their dating a secret, but after the birth of their child, they decided to share the good news, and that’s when many people knew about their dating, and Luiza Gawlowska became a celebrity wife.

Luiza’s Relationship with Steve Gold

Luiza and Steve met in August 2018. Their meeting was during a flight from NY to London. According to Steve, the first encounter he shared with Luiza was a strong attraction, and they both felt the urge and need to share their phone numbers to facilitate other meetups.

The exchange of phone numbers facilitated their first date in London. From there, they held other dates in Ibiza and Monte Carlo. The two dated for a while before deciding to move to New York City. Despite moving in together, the two continued keeping their relationship a secret.

We only heard about their relationship after the birth of their child. Their daughter was born on June 6, 2019, and by this time, Steve was 35 years old while Luiza was 28. They named their daughter Rose Gold.

Who is Steve Gold?

Many know Steve Gold as one of the cast on Million Dollar Listing New York. He is a successful and reputable real estate broker, and his charming personality has also earned him a name. Moreover, Steve has sharp negotiating skills, handy in his line of work as a real estate broker.

He grew up in Stamford and has closed lucrative deals in his career.

Net Worth and Career

Luiza Gawlowska works as an Art Consultant. Her career is lucrative, and although no public information about how much she makes has been shared, we estimate that her net worth exceeds $ 100,000. As for her husband, he is a celebrity and a real estate broker. Steve Gold is estimated to be worth over $10 million from his different sources of income.

The couple is taking care of their child, and with the extensive wealth, we are certain that their daughter will have a good life and all her needs will be met.