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Amber Jean Young Biography and life history

Amber Jean Young is an eminent American visual artist, who is best known for being the daughter of American celebrity couple Neil Young and Pegi Young. Most of Amber Jean Young’s paintings are a tribute to the life of her singer and songwriter mother. Here, we will tell you all the life details of Amber Jean Young.

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Personal life

Amber Jean Young was born in 1984 and is 39 years old today. The names of her parents are Neil Young and Pegi Young. She is an American by nationality but she has preferred to keep her lips shut regarding her religious views.

If you talk about the personal life of Amber Jean Young, she is a married woman today and it’s been more than 10 years since her marriage. The name of her husband is Rajib. Nothing much is known about the personal as well as professional life of her husband because Amber Jean Young never talks about this. We could gather this information from the Instagram page of Amber Jean Young where she shares lovely pictures with her husband sometimes.

Parents and siblings

Amber Jean Young is one of two children and the only daughter of her parents, Neil Young and Pegi Young, who both have written phenomenal stories of success in their respective singing careers. The mother of Amber Jean Young died in 2019 but her father is alive today and achieving different feats of success every day.

However, their personal life has not been very successful and the couple decided to separate after being together for 36 years. They got married in 1978 and separated in 2014. If you talk about the siblings of Amber Jean Young, she has one brother, and her name his name is Ben Young.


Today, Amber Jean Young is a happily married woman but whether or not she has any kids is not known.

Education and profession

Although no confirmed details are available about the educational background of Amber Jean Young, it is obvious that Amber Jean Young must have received a good education because she is the daughter of rich parents. As for her profession, you already know that the celebrity daughter is a successful visual artist.

Reason for the popularity of Amber Jean Young

The celebrity status and the legacy of Amber Jean Young’s parents is definitely a major reason for her popularity but her successful professional career as a visual artist also contributes significantly towards the present recognition of Amber Jean Young in the world.

Net worth of Amber Jean Young

Well, the exact net worth of Amber Jean Young is unknown because she herself never revealed any details regarding the same. As for the net worth of her singer mother, Pegi Young, she was expected to have around 65 million when she died in 2019.


Both the parents of Amber Jean Young are musicians but Amber Jean Young did not follow them blindly. She listened to the voice of her heart and has chosen a completely different career for herself.