Buddy Fogelson, Wife, Children, Career and Bio Buddy Fogelson, Wife, Children, Career and Bio

Buddy Fogelson, Wife, Children, Career and Bio

Buddy Fogelson was famous because of his career, which made him a millionaire during his era. Buddy, born on February 16, 1990, was a lawyer, Amy colonel and businessman who specialized in horse and cattle breeding.

The late horseman breeder was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, but he spent most of his life in Texas, where he also attended college. He was at the Texas Christian University in 1919 and 1920, although his major is unknown.

Buddy Fogelson came into the limelight after he married the actress Greer Garson. Buddy was a millionaire by his marriage and had acquired the Forked Lightning Ranch, a few miles from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Fogleson was using his Ranch to raise Santa Gertrudis cattle. As time went by, Fogelson acquired the neighbouring parcels of land, increasing the Ranch’s size to 13,000 acres.

Buddy Fogelson’s Bio

Buddy Fogelson was a famous personality who served in the United States Army. He served during World War II and rose to the rank of colonel. Additionally, he served on General Eisenhower’s staff, where he was the chief of oil procurement for the Allied forces.

After the Germans surrendered, Fogelson was posted to a military mission in Moscow. Fogelson was discharged after service, and he went back to Texas to do business. His first business venture was opening a sulfur mine in Jaltipan, Veracus, Mexico, which he co-founded in April 1947.

Fogelson was an honourable man, and he used some of his finances in philanthropy work. He made large cash contributions towards the College of Santa Fe and built the E. E. Fogelson library while supporting underprivileged students’ fees.

The legendary businessman died in 1982 after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Despite his demise, his philanthropic work continued to support many children.

Buddy Fogelson’s Wife

Buddy Fogelson was a family man who adopted his nephew. Fogelson visited Hollywood in 1948, where he was introduced to Greer Garson by his friend, Peter Lawford. A year later, Garson and Fogelson were married, and their marriage lasted for four decades.

Fogelson was very supportive of his wife, and he supported her interest in theatre by forming Santa Fe Productions, Inc., which backed Broadway plays. Garson and Fogelson retired in 1967 and went to their Ranch in New Mexico.

Garson and her husband purchased the US Hall of Fame champion Thoroughbred Ack Ack from the estate of Harry F Guggenheim in 1971, making his farm successful as a breeder. The couple still maintained a home in Dallas, where Garson funded the Greer Garson Theatre at Southern Methodist University.

Did Garson and Fogelson Have Children?

Garson and Fogelson were so dedicated to their career that they never had children. However, the couple was involved in charity events, which made them contribute millions of dollars towards student scholarships.

However, Fogelson had an adopted son, Gayle David Fogelson, who was also his nephew. His nephew is now a horse breeder involved in racing as well. When Fogelson died, his Ranch was divided between his son and widow.

Greer Garson sold part of the Ranch in early 1991 due to poor health. The Ranch was acquired by the Conservation Fund, which donated to the National Park Service.