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Cleopatra Ricci Hampton Biography and life history

Cleopatra Ricci Hampton is a Starkid who is not even 3 years old today and has already made us talk about her. Do you know why? Well, because she is the daughter of a famous American actress, Christina Ricci. You might have seen the adorable pictures of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton on the Instagram handle of her mother but today allow us to spill the beans about her life details as well.

Here, we will discuss everything about Cleopatra Ricci Hampton starting from her birth to her net worth.

Personal life 

Cleopatra Ricci Hampton was born in December 2021 to the newly married celebrity couple Christina Ricci and Mark Hampton. With the fact that she is a celebrity daughter, no doubt her childhood is privileged enough to be filled with luxuries.

Considering the age of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton, there is obviously no need to talk about her love life. Right now, she is only 2 years old and, for her, love means her parents.

Parents and siblings

Cleopatra Ricci Hampton is the only daughter of her parents, Christina Ricci and Mark Hampton, who got married two months before the birth of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton in October 2021. They are together as of now and enjoying their family time with their little bundle of joy profoundly. As for their professions, the mother of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton is an actress and her father is a hairstylist.

Being the only child of her parents, Cleopatra Ricci Hampton obviously does not have any siblings to play with. However, she has one stepbrother from her mother who is around 8 years old right now.


This is a no-brainer to talk about the children of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton. After all, she herself is a little kid.

Education and profession 

With the fact that Cleopatra Ricci Hampton is only 2 years old right now, it is pretty clear that Cleopatra Ricci Hampton must not have started these two life journeys in her life yet. This is her age to enjoy her childhood with her siblings and parents and she has been doing that only.

Reason for the popularity of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton 

As you may expect the only reason for the popularity of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton is her mother, Christina Ricci, who is a renowned actress and has garnered a fair level of stardom in her career so far. She is also active on social media and sometimes blesses her Instagram feed with awe-inspiring pictures of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton, which is another reason for the popularity of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton among people.

Net worth of Cleopatra Ricci Hampton 

Being a little child, Cleopatra Ricci Hampton obviously does not have any net worth right now. However, she is not devoid of money in her life because her mother, Christina Ricci, is the proud owner of around $8 million right now.


Cleopatra Ricci Hampton is getting to enjoy the publicity and the love of people at the age when she doesn’t even know what this is actually but she is getting it anyway. All thanks to her mother, Christina Ricci.