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Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez Biography and life history

Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez is a young girl from America who is enjoying the spotlight of the media because her mother is a celebrity. Wondering who she is? Well, she is the gorgeous Maia Campbell.

Not just the name of her mother but today we will tell you all the life details of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez.

So, dig deep into the article and learn about all the life aspects of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez.

Personal life

Although the mother of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez is a celebrity, she hasn’t revealed any confirmed details about the birth of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez. The only available information about her birth is that she was born in 2000 and is 23 years old today. The names of her parents are Maia Campbell and Elias Gutierrez.

If you are already excited to find out the details about the love life of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez, let us tell you she is not the kind of girl who makes her personal life public. She might be involved romantically with someone but she has made sure to keep her love life to herself only.

Parents and siblings

Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez is the only daughter of her parents Maia Campbell and Elias Gutierrez, who could remain married only for 4 years from 1998 to 2002. Why they got separated in such a short period of time is not known even today.

If you talk about the professions, we have already told you that the mother of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez is the American actress, while no information is available about her father. Also, Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez does not have any siblings, as she is the only daughter of her parents.


Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez is a young girl of 23 years old who is studying right now and aiming to build her professional career. According to the available information, she does not have any children.

Education and profession

Like many other celebrity kids, no information is available about the educational background of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez as well. With the fact that she is the daughter of a celebrity mother, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that getting a good education would not have been difficult for her.

If you talk about her profession the young girl might not be professionally active yet or would be making efforts to start her professional journey.

Reason for the popularity of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez

The one and only reason that makes Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez popular at this age is her mother, Maia Campbell, who is not just an actress but a singer and model as well.

Net worth of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez 

Since no details are available about the profession of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez, she probably does not have any net worth right now. Speaking of the net worth of actress mother, Maia Campbell, she is expected to have around $1 thousands dollars right now.


Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez gets the affection of people despite maintaining a low profile because of her mother. The presence of her mother on Instagram is also a big reason for the popularity of Elizabeth Elisha Gutierrez.