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Louisanna Ray Kimmel, Family, Age, Career and Net Worth

Louisanna Ray Kimmel, born in December 2009, is a celebrity daughter of LeeLee Sobieski. LeeLee had been in the acting industry for many years, and despite becoming a skilled actress, she chose to change her career later because of conflicting interests.

Louisanna’s mother had been acting since she was fourteen, but after many years, she started going against her career because she never agreed with some things. The actress was never comfortable with the fact that she had to do some sexual-related things, like kissing someone, for pay.

LeeLee chose her family over acting, explaining why she decided to take care of her children and leave her career. Because she was not comfortable acting while being a wife and mother, the ex-actress started painting.

Louisanna Bio

Louisiana is a little girl who was born in December 2009. She is the eldest in her family, growing up alongside her little brother Martin, born in 2014. She loves playing with her little brother, although her parents have ensured they are off social media and living a normal life like other children.

There are no details regarding Louisanna’s education because their parents have ensured they live off the limelight.

Louisanna Kimmel’s Parents

Louisanna’s parents are called Adam Kimmel and LeeLee Sobieski. Adam is a fashion designer, while LeeLee is a painter and ex-actress. Sobieski started acting when she was fourteen when a talent scout discovered her. She started acting immediately, which helped her sharpen her acting skills.

Growing up, Louisanna’s mother attended flamenco lessons and rode horses. While her mother was a producer and writer, her father was a French painter and actor. Sobieski divided her time between France and Manhattan, where she spent most of her time.

Sobieski enjoyed growing up, and her parents were so supportive. Her mother allowed her to dress according to her career, although sometimes, she felt she was exposing herself too much.

Why Did LeeLee Sobieski Change Career?

Sobieski had the heart of changing her career when she became a mother. In early 2009, she started dating Adam Kimmel, a fashion designer. By May, they had engaged and were waiting to welcome their daughter. She thought of retiring, and because she had become a mother, she wanted a career that would allow her enough time with her children.

The ex-actress revealed that ninety percent of acting roles involved sexual stuff with other people, and she did not want to do that while enjoying being a mother and wife. Moreover, she had too much pressure growing up because she started to pay her parents rent at 15, and she never wanted such pressure while caring for her family.

Sobieski believed in keeping her family intact, and acting would never offer that. Instead, she became a professional painter, something she loved doing and learned from her father.

Sobieski quit acting entirely and never wanted anything to do with her past. When approached for an interview regarding acting, she politely replied that she never wanted to stick in her past.