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Gypsy Benitez, Age, Family, Net Worth, and Career

Aqib Talib is a prominent NFL player. Gypsy Benitez was married to the player in 2016, and despite spending her life with a celebrity, she has maintained a low profile. Their love life was made official in 2016 when they held a beautiful wedding attended by famous footballers.

Gypsy is a proud mother of two children, and it is vivid how the family is happy with the former player’s life. The exact age of Gypsy is not disclosed, but from her looks, she seems to be in her early thirties as of 2023.

Gypsy Benitez’s Net Worth

Gypsy is confidential, explaining why most of her details have been kept secret. Besides being Talib’s wife, she has never disclosed her career, making it hard to tell her net worth. Benitez’s husband is a famous footballer, and he is still pursuing his football career, making his net worth attractive.

In 2019, a trusted source indicated that the player’s net worth was around $70 million. Moreover, the player was entitled to an annual salary of $ 6 million from his Los Angeles team. Some sources indicate that Benitez and her husband own a 6443 square foot house in Allen, Texas, and the footballer had a portfolio of expensive cars and homes.

Benitez’s husband has collections of Rolls Royce worth $450,000 and $600,000. Moreover, the player often wears expensive branded clothes and suits, showing he is financially well.

Gypsy Benitez Children

Gypsy Benitez and her husband are proud parents of two children. While the couple only shares two children, the NFL player has another daughter he fathered while in college. Although Gypsy’s children are famous, she has ensured they are off the limelight.

Gypsy’s stepdaughter caught the public attention when she appeared with her father at a public event. Kiara Talib, who has started establishing her presence online as a dancer, held the microphone while accompanying her father and announced how they had just made history.

Talib was accompanied by his three children during the football match, but Kiara caught the audience’s attention. Although she is beginning to grow famous, she has limited her presence on social media to Facebook.

Who is Yaqub Talib?

Yaqub Talib is the brother of an NFL player, and he was in the news for the murder of a youth football coach. On August 15, 2023, Yaqub pleaded guilty to the murder charge of a 43-year-old football coach, Mike Hickmon.

Yaqub was involved in an argument with the coach in August 2022, and he fired fatal shots that led to the death of the coach. The shooting happened over a call during a game at Lancaster Community Park in Texas, and the victim’s family mentioned the Talib brothers as defendants.

The latest report indicates that Yaqub pleaded guilty to the charges, and he was sentenced to 37 years in prison for his involvement. However, the case was scheduled for a hearing in 2024, and Hickmon’s family seeks damages of over $1 million.