The Life Story of Bob Latiano, Jill Latiano's Father The Life Story of Bob Latiano, Jill Latiano's Father

The Life Story of Bob Latiano, Jill Latiano’s Father

Bob Latiano was the father of American actress, television personality, film producer, model, and dancer Jill Latiano. He was born in 1945 to Hilda and Anthony Latiano in Ellwood City, Pennsylvania. He loved his family and had a close relationship with his siblings, though their information was not on the internet.


Bob started his early education in his hometown before joining Lincoln High School. He participated in various sporting activities in high school, including baseball, basketball, and football. Despite playing those three games, he had a special love for baseball and often participated in school tournaments. While in high school, Bob played baseball as a catcher, attaining All-State honors twice.

After completing his high school education, Bob Latiano joined North Carolina State University after obtaining a baseball scholarship. In college, Bob continued playing baseball and was also part of the college football team, where he played quarterback.

Personal Life

Regarding his personal life, Bob Latiano was married to Karen; the two had been married for over forty years and had two daughters together, Jamie and Jill Latiano, an actress. He was a great father to his kids and even a better grandfather to her four grandchildren. Despite his busy schedule and demanding career, Bob loved spending time with his family.

His Daughter

Bob Latiano’s daughter entered the entertainment industry in the late 1990s; she started as a dancer, dancing for the New York Knicks. Years later, she transitioned to television and hosted Fashion in Focus, a NYC Media series for two years. In 2004, Bob’s daughter made her acting debut when she appeared in the romantic show Sex and the City. Her other film and television credits include Ugly Betty, CSI: NY, Rescue Me, and Lower Learning.

His Love for Golf

Besides football, basketball, and baseball, Bob Latiano loved baseball and often went to golf tournaments where he made friends while playing the game he loved. His kindness made it easy for him to build strong relationships with the individuals he met. Bob started playing golf, winning many championships as a golfer. In 2009, Bob Latiano won a local golf club’s Men’s Club Championship.

His Career as A Basketball Official

Bob Latiano was an all-around athlete; he participated in various sporting activities, including football, basketball, golf, and baseball. In the 1980s, after completing his college education, Bob started working as a basketball official. He loved working with high school students as he helped them hone their skills and improve at the game. Besides his career as a basketball official, Bob Latiano also worked for Mercedes Benz, where he was an employee for three decades. Bob was kind-hearted and always lit the room with his charisma and confidence.


Bob Latiano had been battling cancer for a long time in his later years. He had tried many drugs and procedures, including chemotherapy, to keep cancer at bay, but it continued to spread. He died in August 2016 at the age of 71, surrounded by his family.