All About Susan Bell Drinkard, Cissy Houston’s Grandmother All About Susan Bell Drinkard, Cissy Houston’s Grandmother

All About Susan Bell Drinkard, Cissy Houston’s Grandmother

Cissy Houston is an award-winning gospel singer whose past and extended family have extended many. Susan Bell Drinkard has made a name for herself because of the Drinkard singers who have shined in the music industry.

Not only did Susan, great-granddaughter, become a singer, but also other close relatives, forming the Drinkard singers. Other Susan relatives who entered the music industry include Whitney Houston, Cissy’s daughter, Dionne Warwick, Dee Dee Warwick and Leontyne Price.

If you are wondering if Susan Bell was a musician or had a history of music, you have come to the right place. Let’s explore Susan Bell’s details!

Who is Susan Bell Drinkard?

Susan Bell Drinkard is a celebrity grandmother who came into the limelight for her family members’ singing career. Susan’s granddaughter Cissy has had a long music career, singing in the Drinkard group, but later started a solo career.

Susan Bell was born in December 1876. She married John Drinkard Jr., and they had ten children together. Susan’s husband was born in 1870, and they lived quiet lives because they were not public figures.

Susan’s eldest child was called Nitcholas Auther Drinkard, born in 1895 in Georgia and died in 1951 due to Stomach cancer. Nitcholas became famous because of his children’s and grandchildren’s careers, which made the family famous and celebrities.

Why is Susan Bell Drinkard famous?

She led a quiet life during Susan’s life because she was not a public figure. But many years later, she started surfacing online because of her granddaughter and great-granddaughter’s music careers.

Cissy Houston, also called Emily Drinkard, was Susan’s granddaughter, and she made a name for herself as a recognized singer. Cissy was a singing backup artist for the Drinkard group, but after a few years, she built a solo career, winning two Grammy awards because of her singing skills.

Susan Bell’s grandchildren are also public figures who have established solid careers as singers and sportspeople. Whitney Houston and Michael Houston are Susan’s grandchildren with track records as singers and songwriters. Additionally, Gary Garland Houston is a professional American basketball player and the grandchild of Susan Bell.

Who is Cissy Houston?

Cissy Houston is a famous American soul and gospel singer who made a name for herself because of her versatile singing style. Cissy married Freddie Garland and had a son, Gary Garland, in 1957. Gary, who later became an NBS star and hall of famer, is the eldest child of the famous singer.

Cissy divorced Graland later, and she was married to John Russell Houstion Jr, resulting in the birth of Michael Houston, a singer, songwriter, and road manager. Cissy had a daughter in 1963, Whitney, who was one of the world’s best singers, actresses and entertainers.

Unfortunately, Cissy’s daughter, Whitney, was addicted to drugs in the late 1990s, and despite her mother’s interventions to get her rehabilitated, she died at an early age, making her mother disappointed.

After her daughter’s death, Cissy expressed her disappointment with media coverage, but it gave her hope when she knew that God had his way of taking care of things.