Are Wayde King and Brett Raymer Still Friends? Are Wayde King and Brett Raymer Still Friends?

Are Wayde King and Brett Raymer Still Friends?

Wayde King and Brett Raymer are no longer friends. Wayde King married Heather King on 25th October 1997. However, their marriage collapsed in 2019 when heather king filed for divorce citing domestic violence. Heather King was later arrested in their home in Las Vegas after she  reportedly kicked Wayde in the stomach twice.

From a friendship that started in 1997 to becoming brothers-in-law, Wayde king and Brett Raymer have graced our televisions with their charm, skills and talents. The duo co-founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in 1997 and later premiered “Tanked” a show that aired on animal planet in 2011. After Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Closed and Tanked cancelled, fans now want to know if Wayde King and Brett Raymer are still friends?

Wayde King and Brett Raymer are no longer friends. Wayde King married Heather King on 25th October 1997. However, their marriage collapsed in 2019 when heather king filed for divorce citing domestic violence. Heather King was later arrested in their home in Las Vegas after she  reportedly kicked Wayde in the stomach twice.

As a former huge fan of both Wayde king and Brett Raymer, today, I will be discussing in details the incidence that lead to their fall out, where they are now and much more.

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Who is Wayde King?


Wayde King was born on Born on September 19, 1966 in New York City. He lived his teenage years with his step-father who operated a fish keeping shop back in the day. Just like any regular kid, Wayde King went to college and studied to become a machinist but his passion was in fish keeping. Later on, he relocated to Las Vegas where he launched Acrylic Tank Manufacturing along side his friend Brett Raymer in 1997, a company that manufactured quality competitive acrylic fish tanks in the united states and globally.

Side Note: A lot of aquatic enthusiasts have a hard a tough time finding an alternative to Acrylic Tank Manufacturing after they closed shop. To make it easier for former fans of ATM, I personally reviewed the best Top Acrylic Fish Tanks to re-ignite the spark between you and your aquatic pets. If you do not fancy acrylic, these quality glass aquariums are also a perfect option.( Totally recommend you check them out)

Back to Wayde King, So after decades in show-biz, Wayde King has managed to pretty much attain a good network and net-worth of about $4-$5 Million. So, he isn’t doing bad after all. Check his net worth here.

Information Description
Born September 19, 1966
Birthplace New York City
Childhood Lived with step father
Education Studied to become a machinist
Passion Fish keeping
Career Co-founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in Las Vegas with Brett Raymer in 1997
Company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

Who is Brett Raymer?


Today, Brett Raymer is associated with aquariums . But , where was he born? Brett Raymer was born in 23 December 1969 in Brooklyn , New York City. Brett Raymer has two kids, Bryce and Kayla. He co-opened Acrylic Tank manufacturing in 1997 alongside Wayde King and his dad Irwin Raymer. He is often described by his die-hard fans as bubbly and ambitious. During his teen years, Brett Raymer enjoyed a couple of sports such as football, tennis and also competed in swimming contests. After the closure of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, wade king and Brett Raymer launched Tanked show.

Information Details
Full Names Brett Raymer
Date of Birth Born in 23 December 1969
Family Two kids: Bryce and Kayla
Career Co-opened Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in 1997
Personality Described as bubbly and ambitious
Sports Interest Football, Tennis and Swimming contests
Former Venture Acrylic Tank Manufacturing

Why Wayde King and Brett Raymer are Longer Friends?

Wayde King and Brett Raymer were long-time friends for decades. But , after the closure of their aquarium business, these two stars opened a reality TV show “Tanked” which aired on animal planet. However, in 2019, their friendship ended. Here are some reasons why their friendship could have ended;

1.Wayde King and Heather King High _Profiled Divorce

Image Source: People


Heather King ( a sister to Brett Raymer) married Wayde king in 1997 and the pair have two daughters, Morgan and Taylor . Their high-profiled marriage lasted 22 years. However, in 2019, on an early Wednesday morning, Heather got into an altercation with Wayde (her then husband) who accused her of kicking him in the stomach twice and slapping his face. The police was called to the couple’s residence.

Upon reaching the couple’s residential house, the police noticed a bruise on Wayde kings face. Wayde king told the police that heather made him hang out of the car window as she drove. After Heather arrest, she later admitted to slapping Wayde but denied hanging him out of her car window.

She then filed for divorce. According to People Magazine, Heather requested to have a quarter of Wayde’s gross monthly income, temporary spousal support and health insurance for their two daughters until they finish school( You can also see Heather King’s Networth) . This drama gave a blow to Brett Raymer and Wayde King’s Friendship.

2. Business Failure

Having started a successful aquarium business, Wayde and Brett were forced to close business in 2020. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) closed due to a combination of factors, including increased competition, low profits, and poor marketing. This company likely struggled to differentiate itself from other manufacturers by failing to attract enough customers to sustain its business.

Additionally, if profits were low, it may not have had the resources to invest in marketing and promotion, which further hindered its ability to attract and retain customers. Ultimately, these factors likely contributed to the decision to close the business. The closure of ATM sort of affected their friendship. But, where are they now?

What is Wayde King Doing Now?

Wayde is known for his determination and drive to keep moving forward, always striving for success. His latest venture after closure of acrylic tank was no exception. In April 2019, media sources reported that he and his co-host, Brett Raymer, had started a YouTube channel titled “The Lifestyles of the Fish and Famous“. This channel gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of these two friends and business partners as they navigate the world of fish keeping and aquarium design.

The channel quickly gained popularity, with fans tuning in to see the latest updates on the fish tanks that the duo has created. The channel also featured behind-the-scenes footage of the day-to-day operations of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, giving viewers a unique insight into the world of fish keeping. The YouTube channel became a source of inspiration for those who are interested in fish keeping and aquarium design, and has helped to raise awareness about the importance of preserving aquatic life.

However, the YouTube channel has not been updated in along time. Whether you are a seasoned fish keeper or just starting out, Wayde’s story is a must-watch and a true testament of the power of determination and hard work.

What is Brett Raymer Doing Now?

After the cancellation of “Tanked”, Brett Raymer opened a new restaurant. Brett has always had a passion for the food industry. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he has just opened his own restaurant, Stallone’s Italian Eatery, at 467 E. Silverado Ranch Blvd. This latest venture is a testament to Brett’s versatility and entrepreneurial spirit, and is sure to be a hit among food lovers in the area.

Stallone’s Italian Eatery is a casual dining experience that serves classic Italian dishes, Pizzas and Pie, made with only the freshest ingredients. The menu is carefully curated, offering a variety of options to suit every taste. The restaurant also features a full bar, serving up a range of beverages, from handcrafted cocktails to fine wines.

Sylvester Stallone’s establishment is located in a 1,400 square foot space and offers seating for approximately 25 people. The walls are adorned with beautiful acrylic paints, sports memorabilia, adding to the overall ambiance.

One of the standout features of Stallone’s Italian Eatery is the atmosphere. The restaurant has been designed with a warm and inviting atmosphere, with a focus on creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for diners. The team at Stallone’s takes pride in providing exceptional service, ensuring that every customer has a truly memorable experience.

Brett’s passion for food is evident in everything he does, and this is reflected in the quality of the dishes that are served at Stallone’s Italian Eatery. The restaurant’s commitment to using only the freshest ingredients, combined with Brett’s attention to detail, has resulted in an experience that is truly second to none.

Stallone’s Italian Eatery is a must-visit destination for his fans who loves good food, great company, and a relaxed atmosphere. With its focus on classic Italian dishes and exceptional service, it is no wonder that Brett’s latest venture is already making waves in the food industry.

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Brett Raymer Net Worth

Brett Raymer’s net worth is $4 million dollars. He is best known for his work at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, where he co-founded the company with his dad and his brother-in-law( Wayde King). He also gained Income from the reality show “Tanked,” which aired on Animal Planet for 15 seasons before being cancelled.

Following the show’s cancellation, Brett Raymer pursued his passion for the food industry and opened Stallone’s Italian Eatery in 2021. His restaurant offers eating experiences from a range of classic, yummy Italian dishes, pizzas, to pies made with fresh ingredients, as well as a full bar serving handcrafted cocktails and fine wines.( Talk of a little bit about everything)

Overall, Brett Raymer’s net worth, coupled with his passion for the food industry and his success with Stallone’s Italian Eatery, showcases his earnings

Where Is Heather King Now?

Heather King relocated to Los Angeles after her divorce from Wayde King. She lives with her two daughters and is focusing on rebuilding her life and spending time with her family. Even if she does not post much on social media, paparazzi sported heather with her two daughters shopping in L.A. To know more about Heather King, Check this article out!

Why Did Tanked Get Cancelled?

The TV show “Tanked” was cancelled due to declining ratings, budget constraints, and domestic violence allegations between Heather and Wayde King. The show’s popularity waned, making it difficult to justify the budget, and the alleged domestic violence incident added further difficulties. These factors combined ultimately led to the show’s cancellation. There were many members/ cast of Tanked who also lost their jobs due to this drama.

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Is Tanked Still in Business?

As of 2023, “Tanked,” the popular reality TV show that aired on Animal Planet, is no longer in business. Fans of the show were shocked to learn that the show was cancelled after Heather King, the wife of co-star Wayde King, filed for divorce. However, we do wish them all the best in their individual ventures.


Frequently Asked Questions

When did Wayde King and Heather King get married

Wayde King and Heather King Married in 1997

Are Wayde King and Brett Raymer still good friends?

After divorcing his wife( Brett Raymer’s sister), Wayde and Raymer are no longer the best of friends.

Who is the owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing?

Wayde King and Brett Raymer co-founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in Las vegas

Can you still visit Tanked Las Vegas?

Tanked closed doors. The premises shut down.


The closure of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and the cancellation of Tanked shocked a lot of fans. The show had been a staple on Animal Planet for many years, and audiences had grown to love the personalities and unique custom aquarium designs created by Wayde King and Brett Rayner. Fans can only hope that the well-being of those involved was taken into consideration. Despite the disappointment of the show’s end, the legacy of “Tanked” will live on, and the creativity by Wayde and Brett will continue to amaze and inspire.