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Meet The Main Cast of Tanked

Whether you were an avid fan or someone who was just getting into the show, Tanked had a strong following , featured some of the brightest minds in the aquarium industry . Although the show ended in 2018, id love to introduce you to some of the folks behind it all. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the main cast crew of our favorite show.

Tanked was on a winning streak since day one, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you were an avid fan or someone who was just getting into the show, Tanked had a strong following , featured some of the brightest minds in the aquarium industry . Although the show ended in 2018, id love to introduce you to some of the folks behind it all. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the main cast crew of our favorite show.

The main cast of popular T.V show ” Tanked” were Wayde King, Brett Raymer, Irwin Raymer, Heather King, Robert Christlieb aka Redneck, Agnes Wilczynsk, Eric Cohen, Denny Stanley and Frank DiLuzio. Each brought their own “A” game and individuality to the show.

In this article, I will be telling you exactly how many episodes each cast member did and their net worth. You will also get to know more about the members on a more personal level. You may have not watched the show . So, he is a glimpse into the personalities of Tanked Show.

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The Cast of Tanked

1.Wayde King: CO-Founder Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and Tanked Show

Image Source: Acrylicpedia

With his extensive experience and knowledge in the field, Wayde is considered as one of the leading experts in custom aquarium design and manufacturing. He is known for his innovative ideas and designs, as well as his ability to bring the client’s vision to life. Wayde’s passion for aquariums is evident in the way he worked. During the show’s seasons, Wayde King appeared in a total of 116 episodes. The show ran from 2011-2018

He also co-founded ATM with his brother in law Brett Raymer and together they have built the company into a well-respected brand in the industry. As a cast member of Tanked, Wayde additionally provided viewers with a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating custom aquariums, and his personality and sense of humour have made him a fan favorite. If you want to know how much Wayde King Net worth is, check this out.

2. Brett Raymer

Brett Raymer( a brother to Heather King) and the Co-Founder of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) plus co-creator of the reality TV series “Tanked,” appeared in all 116 episodes of the show, which aired from 2011 to 2018 on Animal Planet. Alongside his business partner Wayde King, Raymer played a key role in the design and construction of custom fish tanks and aquariums for clients around the world, which was the focus of the show.

As a main cast member, Raymer’s larger-than-life personality and enthusiasm for his work helped to make the show a popular hit with audiences. In addition to his work on “Tanked,” Raymer has also been involved in various other TV and film projects throughout his career in the aquarium industry. However, Brett Raymer and Wayde King’s Friendship came to an end after Heather King filed for divorce citing domestic violence. ( Read full article here)

3. Robert Christlieb aka Redneck

As a shop manager and former fabricator at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), Redneck played an important role in creating unique and custom fish tanks and aquariums for clients featured on the show. He quickly became a favorite due to his Southern charm. Throughout the show’s run from 2011 to 2018, Redneck’s contributions helped make “Tanked” a popular hit with audiences. He appeared on 91 episodes of Tanked which was such a big win for him.

If you were a huge fan of Redneck, You definitely would want to know what he is doing right now( in terms of business, work and personal life), I wrote an update on Where Redneck is currently at. Take a peep!

4. Heather King

Heather King is a well-known personality for fans of the popular reality TV show, Tanked. Heather appeared on a total of 91 episodes of the Tanked show and brought a unique perspective to the team at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). Heather is Brett Raymer’s sister and was formerly married to Wayde King . She played a crucial role in the success of both the company and the show.

It is sad but Heather King and Wayde King divorced in 2019. The two celebrities went separate ways and live separately. They however continue to co-parent. Here’s a full break down of Heather King’s Net Worth.

5. Agnes Wilczynsk

Meet Agnes Wilczynski, better known as “Aggie” to her fans! She’s a former sales rep for ATM and a star of the hit TV show Tanked. Aggie’s love for the aquarium industry started when she was just a kid, and she worked hard to make her dream a reality by joining the ATM team.

Her contagious energy and determination were on full display in all 91 episodes of Tanked, where she hustled non-stop to score new business for the company. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or new to the aquarium game, Aggie’s got the passion and drive to keep you hooked! Unfortunately, Tanked got cancelled and Agnes was forced to seek out other opportunities. Luckily, she opened up her own company. Read about it here.

6. Irwin Raymer

Irwin Raymer is a well-known personality in the reality TV show industry. He is famously known as the father of Brett Raymer and Heather King. He also co-founder of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), the company that is the focus of the hit reality TV show “Tanked”.

Along with his son Brett and business partner Wayde King, Irwin appeared as one of the main cast members in 79 episodes of “Tanked”. The show premiered in 2011 and has since become a hit among viewers, showcasing the behind-the-scenes activities at ATM as they create unique aquariums for clients.

Irwin is known for his humorous and jovial personality and has become a popular figure among the show’s fans. In addition to “Tanked”, Irwin has also appeared in other TV shows and events, further increasing his popularity and visibility. To see the full net worth of Irwin Raymer, check out this article.

7. Frankie DiLuzio

Frankie Diluzio, a former sales associate at ATM, made a splash on the hit TV show Tanked by appearing in a total of 69 episodes! With his charismatic personality and sales skills, Frankie quickly became a fan favorite on the show. He worked hard to help ATM secure new business, and his contributions were essential to the success of the company. If you’re a fan of Tanked, you’ll surely remember Frankie’s memorable moments and his impact on the show. I wrote a full article on Frankie DiLuzio and what he is currently doing. If you are a huge fan of Frankie, you don’t want to miss it.

8. Denny Stanley

Denny Stanley was a prop master who made appearances on 25 episodes of the popular TV show, Tanked. As a prop master, Denny was responsible for designing and creating unique features and installations for the aquariums featured on the show. His work ethic , expertise and creativity helped to bring the tanks to life and make them truly one-of-a-kind. While Denny may not have been a main cast member on Tanked, his contributions were essential to the show’s success.

9.Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen, a sea life expert, made appearances on 24 episodes of the popular TV show, Tanked, between 2013-2016. As a specialist in sea dwelling creatures, Eric was responsible for selecting, handling, and caring for the marine life featured in the custom aquariums built by Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM).

His extensive knowledge and experience with aquatic animals helped to ensure the health and well-being of the animals while creating a visually stunning aquarium for the clients. Eric’s work on Tanked showcased the importance of responsible animal care and the beauty of marine life. His contributions to the show will always be remembered by fans of the program.


There you have it, hope you have got to meet some of your fav celebrities from tanked. Feel free to leave a comment below. Stay blessed