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Agnes Wilczynski – Bio, Net Worth and Life after Tanked

After the cancellation of “Tanked” a show on Animal Planet, Agnes Wilczynski started her own boat cruise company” Beach Boats Bungalows”, a company that curates special and luxurious cruising experiences and vacations around the world. She works with clients and travelers looking for unforgettable trips.

Agnes Wilczynski, better known as “Aggie,” a former sales rep at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing captured our hearts during her appearances on the hit television series “Tanked.” Over the course of 91 episodes, Aggie showcased her skills and expertise as a fish tank designer and she impressed us all with her attention to detail. Despite the show’s cancellation, Aggie’s fans continue to be curious about what she’s been up to.

After the cancellation of “Tanked” a show on Animal Planet, Agnes Wilczynski started her own boat cruise company” Beach Boats Bungalows”, a company that curates special and luxurious cruising experiences and vacations around the world. She works with clients and travelers looking for unforgettable trips.

If you’re a fan of “Tanked,” an aquarium enthusiast, or just curious about the life of Agnes Wilczynski. This fascinating article sheds light on her humble beginnings, journey and showcases her success beyond the cameras. From her days as a sales rep to opening Beach Boats Bungalows , this is one article you won’t want to miss.

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From Poland to America: Early Life and Biography of Agnes Wilczynski

Date of BirthMay 17, 1977
Place of BirthPoland
Body Height5ft 3 inches (160 cm)
Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Migration DetailsMigrated to Las Vegas, USA with her sisters on a TWA jumbo jet when she was 6 years old.
EducationAttended a local school in Las Vegas

Born on May, 17, 1977 in Poland, Agnes with her sisters migrated to the Las Vegas (United States of America) on a TWA jumbo jet when she was only 6 years. Her Older brother Arthur was already at the country when she joined. Upon settling , she attended a local school in Las Vegas. Although a former immigrant from Poland, Agnes really blended in well during her formative years growing up in Las Vegas.

She developed sales skills and a passion for marine life, which eventually led her to become a cast member of tanked plus land a career as a fish tank designer along side Wayde King, Brett Raymer and Heather King . By the way as a huge fan of fish keeping my self, I think you may be interested in seeing the Top 10 Best Glass Fish Tanks in 2023. I reviewed each fish tank so that you can only get quality.

Now, back to Agnes. Here’s what she had to say about her first experience in the United States of America.

Career Life: Agnes Wilczynski’s Rise to Success in the World of Fish Tank Design

Agnes Wilczynski Worked at a Fast-Food restaurant at the Age of 16

Agnes Wilczynski worked at a fast-food restaurant when she was 16 years old during weekends while still in high school. Although some may see this as a small or insignificant detail, it speaks volumes about her upbringing. Working in a fast-paced environment like a fast-food restaurant was not easy for her as she was required to adapt well and go an extra mile for customers . These are all qualities served Agnes well in her future endeavors and contributed to her success as a fish tank designer and technician.

She then Worked as a Waitress in a Popular Various Resorts in Las Vegas

Bored with her job in a fast food restaurant, Agnes quickly climbed the ladder to become a waitress and later a manager at only 21 years old in a popular resort in Las Vegas( who would have thought). Agnes Wilczynski’s shift from working in a fast food restaurant to becoming a manager was not only a remarkable feat of determination and hard work, but also a testament to the human spirit’s unwavering drive for self-improvement. Agnes’ story serves as an inspiration to everyone who refuses to settle for mediocrity and dare to dream big.

On the Side, She Worked  a Sales Representative for a Ferrari dealership in Las Vegas Where She Met Wayde King

Agnes Wilczynski’s versatile skill set and dynamic personality allowed her to excel not only in the food industry but also in the world of luxury cars. As a sales representative for a Ferrari dealership in Las Vegas, Agnes had the opportunity to work with high-end clientele, including Wayde King who she met while on duty. Her knowledge of cars, coupled with her impeccable customer service, led her to sell a Porsche to Wayde King.

From Sales Rep to Tanked

Wayde King was not only impressed by Agnes Wilczynski’s ability to sell him a Porsche, but also by her sales skills as a whole. He recognized her potential and appointed her as his main sales representative for ATM, a company specializing in building custom fish tanks. Along side Brett Raymer, Heather King , and Robbie Redneck together, they founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and went on to create the hit reality TV show, “Tanked.”

Agnes’ natural charisma and impeccable customer service skills shone through in her role as a sales representative, leading to a successful partnership that has lasted for years. While the success of “Tanked” was undeniable, all good things must come to an end. Sadly, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing eventually closed, and Agnes Wilczynski, along with Wayde King and the rest of the team, went their separate ways.( Here’s why Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Closed?)

Life after Tanked: Where Is Agnes From Tanked Now?

After her successful run on television, Agnes Wilczynski chose to step away from the limelight and return to her passion for sales and deal-closing. She continues to reside in Las Vegas, her hometown, and is now employed in real estate for the Boeckle Group. In addition to her day job, Agnes has also started her own company called Beach Boats Bungalows.

 “I’ve always been blessed to have been surrounded by people in my life that have embraced the “beach boats bungalows” lifestyle…this stabilized and refueled me. This was the circle that continuously looped in my life & I’m eternally grateful for the people in that circle that welcomed me with open arms”, she said on her business website.

The company specializes in providing unique and luxurious cruising and vacation experiences for people to enjoy. Agnes has successfully transitioned from reality TV star to a successful entrepreneur in the fields she’s passionate about. She continues to serve as an inspiration to those who seek to pursue their dreams with determination and hard work.

Personal Life: Is Agnes Wilczynski married?

Source: Instagram

Agnes Wilczynsk is not married and has been the subject of rumors regarding her romantic life. Despite some rumors circulating online, it is important to note that Agnes Wilczynski is not married. However, there have been speculations about her relationship with Bill Schoonmaker, a personal chef and therapist.

The rumors about Agnes and Bill started when she began posting pictures of him on her Instagram account. Some fans interpreted these posts as evidence of a romantic relationship, but neither Agnes nor Bill has come forward to confirm or deny the rumors.

There were even rumors even before that she dated Brett Raymer. This also turned out to be false as Trisha Chamberlain was the girlfriend to Brett Raymer at that time. Agnes maintains a good healthy relationship with her gorgeous sister-in-law, Shery Wilczynski.

Agnes Wilczynski’s Net Worth

Agnes Wilczynski’s net worth is between $1 million- $2 million dollars. This estimation is based on a number of factors, including her salary from her work as a sales rep for ATM and on reality show “Tanked” where she appeared on 91 episodes.

It is known that Agnes has worked for Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) since its inception in 1997, and has been featured in every season of “Tanked” which has aired for 15 seasons from 2011 to 2018. After the closure of ATM and cancellation of “Tanked,” Agnes founded and currently manages, “beach boats bungalows” , a company organises boat cruises for clients around the world. All these have earned a significant income for Agnes Wilczynski .

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Does Agnes Wilczynski Have Any Children?

Agnes Wilczynski does not have any children. She has not officially made any public statements or announcements or done interviews suggesting that she has a family or children, and there is no evidence to suggest that she is a mother. If there is a celebrity that has managed to keep her personal life under wraps , then it is Agnes. She has been quite private about her personal life and tends to keep her focus on her boot cruise business.


There you have it guys. Since ” Tanked” cancellation, Agnes has continued to pursue her passion for luxurious boat cruises as she travels the world