Arik Housley, Alaina Housley's Father's Bio Arik Housley, Alaina Housley's Father's Bio

Arik Housley, Alaina Housley’s Father’s Bio

Alaina Hosley was a young lady who captured the hearts of many people. The young lady was only 18 years old when she was a victim of a mass shooting in a club, and her life was no more. The beautiful girl was a freshman in college, but her life did not last long.

Since Alaina died, her parents have come into the limelight. They believe she didn’t die for nothing, and that is why they put a lot of effort into doing great things in Alaina’s name. Arik Housley and his wife have come out as pioneers against violence, and they continue to offer their support as they can.

Why is Arik Housley Famous?

Arik Housley came into the limelight in 2018 after the 2018 mass shooting that claimed the lives of 12 people. Arik’s daughter was among the victims, and she was the youngest victim who succumbed to the violence.

In regard to the unfortunate story, Arik and his family have tried to grieve year after year without missing their daughter without success. However, the father revealed that he and his wife had started the Alaina’s Voice Foundation to help bring change to the world.

The Foundation’s mission is to inspire hope and kindness through everyday actions, especially through music, education, and mental health initiatives. The Foundation’s mission is not to ask for gun laws but to request the leaders to put a stop to violence.

During 2019, Alains’s Voice Foundation manifested its motto, Voice of Song, Voice of Strength, and Voice of Change. Alaina was an active member of the choir, and she used to play guitar, piano, and violin while enjoying making music.

The tragic event inspired many artists, especially musicians, to talk about the event. Musician Michael Franti sent his condolences, and he wrote and sang a song in regard to the tragic event. Moreover, other musicians like Skylar Grey dedicated a song to Alaina.

How did Alaina Housley die?

The story of Alaina Howsley was one of the sad ones. The young girl was only a freshman in Thousand Oaks, and she was one of the 12 victims who died due to a mass shooting at a bar and grill.

Alaina had gone to the bar and grill with her friends when the unfortunate event caught her up. While her friends were line dancing on the dance floor, Alaina took a few seconds to sit down at a table.

The shootings caught Alaine’s sited, but her friends were fortunate to escape the shootings through a window. Her friends later realized she was missing and had been shot to death.

How are Alaine Hosley’s Parents Doing?

Six years after the unfortunate shooting, Alaine’s parents have continued to remember their eldest child. The anniversary of the mass shootings always reminds her parents of the tragic loss, but they have tried to deal with the pain by making Alaina’s voice alive through the Foundation.

Alaina’s parents believed that her voice would not die at such a young age, explaining why they started advocating against violence and mental health to honor her memory.