Get to Know Singer Marie Osmond’s Daughter, Abigail Michelle Blosil Get to Know Singer Marie Osmond’s Daughter, Abigail Michelle Blosil

Get to Know Singer Marie Osmond’s Daughter, Abigail Michelle Blosil

Abigail Michelle Blosil is the adoptive child of American singer and actress Marie Osmond and her ex-husband Brian Blosil. The celebrity child was born on September 5, 2002, but there are no details of her biological parents. Osmond adopted Abigail as an infant, and she has done everything in her power to ensure her daughter leads a comfortable life.


Abigail comes from a well-educated family, and as such, she has also been to school. According to one of her mother’s posts, she was in high school in 2019, but then she did not mention the name of the school the celebrity daughter was attending. Besides, as per the post, Abigail is a music enthusiast; she loves singing, and maybe someday we might see her picking after her mother in the music industry.

After completing her high school education, Abigail Michelle Blosil joined college to further her education. However, she has not mentioned the institution she joined or the course she is pursuing in college.

Is Abigail Married?

Abigail Michelle is relatively young, and at the moment, she is focusing on her studies. She is not married but is probably dating; however, she has not publicized anything regarding her love life. Furthermore, she is young and has many years ahead of her to enjoy her love life with people of her liking.

Her Mother

Abigail’s mother is an accomplished musician and has produced several songs that have done well. Marie began her music career in the 1970s; having come from a family that had done well in the entertainment industry, it was easy for Abigail’s mother to find her footing in the music industry. Abigail’s mother enjoyed much success in the 1980s and 1990s and has been a great sensation. Besides music, she is a television host and actress; some of her movie credits include The Gift of Love, Rooster, and The Love Boat.

Her Brother Died of Suicide

Abigail has many siblings, and one of them, Michael Brian Blosil, died by suicide in February 2010. He had been struggling with drug addiction and depression for over 10 years, and he could not handle it anymore. At one point, Michael’s parents admitted him to rehab due to his drug addiction problems, but it did not help him as much. Following his death, an autopsy conducted by medics indicated that there were no drugs in his system.

It was such a significant loss for Abigail and her family; at the time of her brother’s death, she was just seven years old and had started building a stronger bond with him when he died prematurely. It has been over 10 years, but Abigail’s mother still remembers her son and dearly misses him.

Social Media

Unlike her mother, Abigail Michelle Blosil prefers to live a private life away from the public and intends to keep it so. Being on social media platforms might jeopardize these prospects, so she has kept herself away from Instagram, Facebook, and App X. On the other hand, her mother is active on Instagram and Twitter and often posts pictures of herself, her family, and friends. Abigail’s mother often posts her on her Instagram on September 5 every year to celebrate Abigail’s birthday.