Wayde King Illness Wayde King Illness

Does Wayde King Have Cancer?

Wayde King is perfectly healthy and thriving. The cancer rumors were just speculations that arose when he experienced weight loss during his high-profile divorce, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing’s closure, and the cancellation of “Tanked.” But rest assured, he’s doing just fine!

If you love aquariums and fish keeping, I bet you know Wayde King. But if you do not know him – he is the Co-founder of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing and a cast member of Tanked Show. Despite his success and fame, Wayde King’s illness has been a concern for his fans. Back in 2018, he noticeably lost a significant amount of weight and sparked speculation. This health concern was cancer. Is cancer the reason behind his physical change?

Wayde King is perfectly healthy and thriving. The cancer rumors were just speculations that arose when he experienced weight loss during his high-profile divorce, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing’s closure, and the cancellation of “Tanked.” But rest assured, he’s doing just fine!

Well, I get that fans can be concerned. It’s coming from a place of love. So, here are reasons why fans thought Wayde King had cancer.

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Wayde King Illness: The Reasons Fans Thought He Had Cancer

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Recently fans of the popular reality TV show “Tanked” and the renowned Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) were taken aback when they noticed a significant change in the appearance of one of its beloved stars, Wayde King. Many fans began to speculate whether Wayde King was battling cancer. Here’s why;

1) Weight Loss

Firstly, the noticeable weight loss experienced by Wayde King became a major talking point among tanked fans. However, it was not due to any serious health issue as many thought. In-fact it was a result of his dedicated workout routine. Wayde had taken his fitness seriously, engaging in regular exercises such as weight lifting and adopting a healthier lifestyle. While this transformation was a positive change, it inadvertently led to rumors about his health.

Also, Brett Raymer and Irwin Raymer couldn’t make it any better for him either as they playfully teased Wayde about his weight loss on the show. Well, this light-hearted banter took on a life of its own, and some fans misinterpreted it as a sign of concern for Wayde’s well-being. The unintended impact of these jokes fuelled the cancer rumors all together.

2) His Divorce From His Wife, Heather King

Another significant event in Wayde King’s life that contributed to the speculations was his divorce from his wife, Heather King. The emotional toll from the divorce caused Wayde to experience stress and anxiety, leading to a noticeable change in his physique. This happened in 2019 when Heather King faced a legal issue where she was arrested for domestic violence.

TMZ reports that she was allegedly booked for misdemeanour domestic assault, accused of kicking and slapping Wayde during a heated argument. The incident added to the already strained personal situation between the couple which eventually led to a divorce. Moreover, allegations of domestic violence against Heather further added to the turmoil in his life, compounding the reasons behind his weight loss.

3) Closure of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing(ATM)

In addition to personal challenges, the closure of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) came as a significant blow to Wayde King. ATM was the leading manufacturer of fish aquariums in the United States. However, it shut down due to a couple of reasons( read more here). The stress had a a major negative effect on Wayde’s well-being, affecting his eating habits and, consequently, his weight.

4) Cancellation of Tanked

Lastly, the abrupt cancellation of the popular TV show “Tanked” brought about further distress for Wayde King. “Tanked” was a popular reality TV show that aired on Animal Planet. The show, which premiered in 2011 and ran until 2018. It saw the adventures of brothers-in-law Wayde King, Brett Raymer, Heather King, Robbie Redneck, Agnes Wilczynski, Frankie DiLuzio and the full cast members of Tanked show casing their extraordinary skills in creating intricate and unique custom fish tanks for celebrity clients, businesses, and private individuals.

The tanks often featured creative and elaborate designs, ranging from underwater theme parks to luxurious aquariums. The highly rated show had been a central part of his life, and its sudden conclusion left him grappling with uncertainty about his future. Such emotional turmoil is contributing factor to his weight loss during that period. By the way if you are an aquarium enthusiasts, I have a review on the Best Acrylic Fish Tanks that you might like.

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Wayde King’s Response to Cancer Rumors

Despite these persistent rumors, Wayde King has indeed chosen to maintain his peace, silence and has never come out to officially address the speculations surrounding his health. Instead of being drawn into misinformation and spotlight of gossip, he has focused on forging ahead with his life and career.

In fact, Wayde has demonstrated this resilience by venturing into new business opportunities and showing remarkable success. He has embraced entrepreneurial endeavours outside of “Tanked” and Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. And, is doing just fine for his self.

What Fans Should Know?

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For fans who have been concerned about the well-being of their beloved TV star, Wayde King, it’s important to clarify that he does not have cancer. On the business front, Wayde King has been doing exceptionally well. Since the conclusion of the reality show “Tanked” and the closure of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, he has ventured into various other entrepreneurial endeavors.

One notable and exciting addition to Wayde’s repertoire is his YouTube channel called “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Through this platform, he offers viewers a unique glimpse into the lives of affluent individuals, showcasing their luxurious lifestyles and showcasing exquisite, custom-designed aquariums. However, the channel has not been updated for along time.

Regarding his personal life, it’s worth noting that Wayde has not remarried following his divorce from his former wife, Heather King. However, it does not mean that Wayde King is unhappy. On the contrary, Wayde has found happiness in other aspects of life. He has chosen to focus on his family, friends, and his passion for business. Fans should remember that celebrities, like all of us, have ups and downs . And, for the most part are entitled to their privacy and personal choices. What truly matters is that he is doing well business-wise and finding happiness in his own way.

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Final Thoughts

As a die-hard fan of Wayde King, I get why you were a little concerned about his health. I was concerned too. However, I assure you that Wayde King does not have cancer or any other illness. You can support Wayde King by reporting false information and fighting against false rumors. We wish Wayde King all the best in his new projects.