Who Got a Divorce on Tanked? Who Got a Divorce on Tanked?

Who Got a Divorce on Tanked?

Heather King and Wayde King divorced in 2019 after an accusation of domestic violence. Heather was was booked in for questioning but she denied the charges. Wayde mentioned she kicked him twice in the stomach and even held him out of a car window during an argument.

Here you are. Thanks for stopping by. my bet is – You really loved the show ” Tanked” and feel bad that it got cancelled. Yes, as an aquarium enthusiast , my heart was broken too. And , what even broke the hearts of ” Tanked” fans was the fact that one of the main characters of the show got divorced. Now, I know you’re guessing who that might be. You guessed it – Heather King.

Heather King and Wayde King divorced in 2019 after an accusation of domestic violence. Heather was was booked in for questioning but she denied the charges. Wayde mentioned she kicked him twice in the stomach and even held him out of a car window during an argument.

In this blog, I will fill you in on the events that led to the divorce between Heather King and Wayde King. Grab your popcorns, it’s going to be fun in here today!

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Why Heather King Filed for Divorce After 21 Years of Marriage

For those who are not aware – Heather King is Brett Raymer’s Sister. Brett Raymer was Wayde King’s Best Friend. He co-founded Acrylic Tank Manufacturing along side Heather King( his sister), Wayde King ( his best friend) and Irwin Raymer( his dad). Brett Raymer was also one of the Cast Members of Tanked and currently owns Donut Mania together with his current wife Trisha Chamberlain. His sister’s marriage to Wayde King did not last and came collapsing because of the following reasons;

1) Heather King Was Arrested for Domestic Violence

Back in 2019, on a regular Wednesday morning, something unusual stirred up the usually calm neighbourhood. Arguments and loud voices echoed from the King residence, where Heather and Wayde King lived. Emotions went up, tensions escalated, and it was clear that something wasn’t right. Neighbours, concerned for their well-being, exchanged worried glances. The situation was getting out of hand. One neighbour particularly wanting to keep their name private decided it was time to step in and help. He called in the cops not wanting things to take a dangerous turn.

Responding promptly to the call, the police arrived at the King residence. After assessing the situation, the police observed physical signs of the altercation on Wayde’s body. Marks of redness on his stomach, poignant evidence of the ordeal he had endured. Heather’s actions had resulted in not one, but two kicks directed towards her husband’s face and stomach, leaving indelible marks of their tumultuous encounter. Consequently, Heather King was apprehended and subsequently charged with domestic violence. The authorities took her into custody. However, it was far from over. Heather’s arrest served as a catalyst for profound change.

She was released on the same day, only to take an unexpected course of action. Mere days after regaining her freedom, Heather initiated the process of severing her ties with Wayde. On a Friday in Clark County, precisely two days after her release, Heather filed for divorce—a gesture that marked the irrevocable dissolution of a once-unbreakable bond and 21 years of marriage. This divorce clearly shows the fragility of relationships and the complexities of human emotions.

2) According to Wayde King, Heather King Had Him Hanging on the Car Window as She Drove

Now, let’s take a closer look at Wayde King’s side of the story—it’s an equally important piece of this puzzle. He was brought in for questioning by the authorities to share his own perspective on what happened. According to Wayde, things got out of hand during their argument, and Heather’s emotions got the best of her. Wayde explained that their disagreement turned into a physical altercation on Wednesday morning hours. He mentioned that Heather kicked him during the heated argument. But there was more to the story. Wayde mentioned something that raised some eyebrows—he claimed that she hanged out of the car window as she drove.

This kind of behavior painted a worrying picture of how things had escalated. As the pieces of the story come together, it’s clear that things got really complicated. Not only was there physical conflict, but there were also actions that put Wayde’s safety on the line. The situation showed just how far things had gone and how emotions had taken over. There was more- when investigators talked to Heather, she did admit to slapping Wayde during the argument, which matched Wayde’s account. However, she strongly denied the serious car window incident.

What Was in Heather’s Divorce Complaint?

Heather’s divorce complaint laid out her requests and wishes. It turns out she wanted some specific things. First off, she asked for full custody of their two kids, Taylor and Morgan. One of them was already 18 years old, but Heather still cared a lot about their well-being. Now, when it comes to money matters, Heather’s divorce complaint had something interesting. She was asking for child support, which means financial help, and she wanted about 25% of Wayde’s monthly income. You might be wondering how much money that is. Well, Wayde King is estimated to be worth around $4 to $5 million dollars( See full report here), so you can do the math and see that’s quite a bit.

What caught some people by surprise was that Heather herself had a pretty solid financial situation and good net- worth. She was actually a shareholder at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, which was a big deal. Plus, she made money from being on the show “Tanked.”( See full Cast of Tanked here). So, her financial stability was kind of unexpected to some. But, it turned out that she was okay with working together to take care of the kids. And , guess what – It worked out well for them. They decided to put their kids first and currently co- parent.

Did Heather King Re- Marry After Divorce?

Heather King did not remarry after her divorce. Details about her dating life and love life still remain private. She maintains a low profile on social media despite living a famous life before her divorce. Her posts are irregular and she rarely shares personal updates. One time I checked her socials and she had posted vacationing with her two daughters, highlighting her focus on family and privacy in her post-divorce life.

Did Wayde King Re- Marry After Divorce?

Similarly, Wayde King did not remarry following his divorce. After a 21-year marriage, the divorce understandably had its tough impact. It took a heavy negative toll on him. However, he indeed appears content and is often spotted socializing with prominent celebrities. Despite the marital change, Wayde seems to have found a sense of happiness and companionship in the company of influential figures.

Who Else From Tanked Got Divorced?

Brett Raymer also got a divorce. That’s right, he divorced his first wife Melissa Bradford and is currently married to Trisha Chamberlain. The pair live with both of their children from past marriages. Brett Raymer and Trisha Chamberlain also co- own Donut Mania and run an eatery called ” Stallone’s in early 2022 on East Silverado Ranch Boulevard”. I have a separate article on Brett Raymer’s Ex – Wife, check it out it Here.

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Final Thoughts

I told you it would be fun. Hope you found this info insightful. As a die- hard fan of fish aquariums, I like to keep updated on all my favorite aquarium designers. So, if you would like me to cover any topic elated to aquariums, send me a message and what you would like me to research on. Acrylicpedia puts your needs first and we are thankful that you are a part of our growing community. Love and Light !