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Brett Raymer’s Ex-Wife, Marital Status and Current Married Life

After divorcing his ex-wife , Melissa Bradford, Brett Raymer married Trisha Chamberlain who he started dating in 2011. The pair got married in 2017 and their beautiful wedding was attended by family, close friends and the full cat of ” Tanked show”.

I have extensively covered topics on Brett Raymer, including his professional collaboration with Wayde King, his familial connections to his father, Irwin Raymer, and his sister, Heather King. However, little info is available online regarding his personal life, such as his current or past romantic partnerships. So , who is the current wife to Brett Raymer?

After divorcing his ex-wife( Melissa Bradford) , Brett Raymer married Trisha Chamberlain who he started dating in 2011. The pair got married in 2017 and their beautiful wedding was attended by family, close friends and the full cat of ” Tanked show”.

Today is your lucky day as I will focus solemnly on his previous marriage in detail, which ultimately ended in divorce from his ex- wife Malissa Bradford and his alleged affair with Agnes Wilczynski. If you want to know more about other aspects of Brett Raymer’s life , his time at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, I have a different article on it that you can find here.

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Brett Raymer’s First Wife: Who Exactly Is Melissa Bradford?


Melissa Bradford is a co- owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. For those who do not know, Brett Raymer ( 53 years old ) is a popular face in acrylic tank building. Alongside his ex- wife (Melissa Braford), his best friend (Wayde King) , his sister (Heather King) and his father ( Irwin Raymer) , they formed one of the biggest manufacturing companies of our time . This family owned company customized acrylic fish tanks for fish keeping fans, celebrities and also handled international clients.

Brett Raymer indeed built a name for him self and accumulated a pretty good net worth of $4-$5 million dollars. But, how did Melissa Bradford meet Brett Raymer?

Raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, Melissa Bradford attended Galena High School before pursuing her education at the College of Southern Nevada. It was during their time in college that Melissa fell in love with Brett Raymer, and their paths intertwined. They dated for a few years and later tied the knot. Their wedding was not heavily publicized but was rather attended only by close friends and family.

Shortly after the wedding, they both started working together in acrylic tank manufacturing under the guideship of Wayde King. In the early days of the company, Melissa started off as an office manager while Brett Raymer took on the administration role . However, their marriage only lasted a decade. The pair do have two beautiful children together( Kayla Raymer, and Bryce Raymer).


Reasons Behind Brett Raymer’s Divorce From Ex- Wife Melissa Bradford


After a decade of marriage, Brett Raymer and Melissa Bradford divorced. Here are reasons that could have contributed to the divorce;

1)The Spark Between Them Ended

Over time, the initial spark that ignited their relationship faded. This led to a growing emotional distance and a lack of connection between Brett Raymer and Melissa Bradford, ultimately contributing to their decision to part ways.

2)Work Got in the Way

Both Brett Raymer and Melissa Bradford likely had demanding careers that required their time and attention. Starting up a company is no joke as the pressures and commitments associated with their professional lives created strain on their relationship. This led to feelings of neglect or a growing sense of disconnect, adding strain to their marriage. Yeah, some people can relate.

3)They Decided to Put Their Kids First

It is commendable that Brett Raymer and Melissa Bradford prioritized their children’s well-being. However, sometimes, focusing solely on the needs of the children can unintentionally overshadow the needs of the spouses themselves. By placing their children at the forefront, they may have neglected to nurture their own relationship, causing them to drift apart and eventually decide that parting ways would be in the best interest of their family as a whole.

Side Note: Brett Raymer and Melissa Bradford chose to pursue an amicable divorce, devoid of any drama, and have successfully maintained a cooperative co-parenting arrangement. A notable instance demonstrating their harmonious dynamic occurred in 2014 when Melissa openly praised Brett for his exceptional parenting abilities. She expressed her admiration for him as a loving and devoted father, highlighting his remarkable skills in raising their children. This positive testimony reflects the mutual respect and shared commitment they have maintained in their post-divorce relationship, emphasizing their dedication to providing the best upbringing for their children.

Did Brett Raymer Move on? Get to Know Trisha Chamberlain


Brett Raymer, indeed, made a significant transition in his life. As the saying goes, they move on so…. FAST. In July 2011, Brett began dating Trisha Chamberlain, a remarkable woman and a mother of two children, Chandler and Dylan Chamberlain, from her previous relationship. They dated for a whopping 6 years .

Is Brett Raymer Married to Trisha Chamberlain?

In 2017, Brett Raymer took a step forward and proposed to Trisha, culminating in a joyous union. Their wedding was a vibrant affair attended by the cast of “Tanked,” and the celebration was even captured and aired on Animal Planet in December 2017.

Today, the couple resides together with their four children, forming a loving and blended family. Additionally, they embarked on an entrepreneurial journey together by establishing Donut Mania, a venture that showcases their shared passion and creativity.

Brett Raymer’s life took a new direction, marked by finding love and building a fulfilling life with Trisha and their children. Their journey exemplifies the beauty of embracing new beginnings, cherishing family bonds, and pursuing entrepreneurial dreams together.

Is Brett Raymer Dating Agnes Wilczynski?

Image Source: Acrylicpedia

Brett Raymer is not involved in a romantic relationship with Agnes Wilczynski and has never been linked to her in that manner. Any rumors suggesting otherwise are entirely false. Their connection is purely professional, as Agnes Wilczynski previously served as a sales representative at Acrylic Tank Manufacturing Company, which Brett Raymer co-founded.

While it is 100% common for people to speculate, it is important to clarify that they are not romantically involved. Currently, Brett Raymer is happily married to Trisha Chamberlain. To read more about Agnes Wilczynski‘s whereabouts, check out this full article.


There you have it guys. So, Yeah , Brett is Currently married to Trisha after divorcing Melissa Bradford and he has never dated Agnes . If you enjoyed this article, leave us a comment . You can also check out other articles we have on acrylic painting . We will appreciate. I wish you a good day /evening.